Congrats to Kat & Jeff!

Since I usually post pictures of my cake pops, I figure I might as well post these:

Devil’s Food Cake with white chocolate on the outside and sparkly silver crystal sugar (Courtesy of Duff, a.k.a Ace of Cakes). I made them Friday night for Kat & Jeff’s wedding shower on Saturday.

I’m especially proud of the little tags, actually. I thought they were a nice touch.

Thanks to Sarah and Leah for their help (mostly with tying those adorable little bows!).

Finally, a quick public service announcement: When it’s hot outside, cake pops melt. That is all.

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4 Responses to “Congrats to Kat & Jeff!”

  1. mom

    Awwwww and when the maker is on Vicodin, sometimes cake pops get forgotten outside????

  2. Teri

    Just so you know, I did not forget the cake pops. Everyone else forgot the cake pops. People on vicodin don’t unload the car. 😛

  3. Paula Helgeson

    As mother of the bride, I thought the pops were excellent – and yes, the tags were classy and striking! I was so sorry that the heat affected the day – but everyone I talked with thought the cake pops were a hit! Teri, you are a genius! Thank you so much for a wonderful party – in so many ways!

  4. Teri


    Thanks! I’m glad the shower turned out so well, and Kat and Jeff were happy. That makes it all worth it! 🙂

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