What’s for dinner? Something grilled!

Well, we’re in the new place. Most everything is set up, except for the dining room. I’m really happy with the way everything lays out. Even the kitchen. 🙂

For my birthday, David bought me a grill. This one! It’s beautiful. Works wonderfully. And we’ve been grilling ever since.

Saturday, we had a little housewarming/birthday get together with some of my friends, and so of course, we fired up the new grill. We picked up a pork loin, cut it into cubes, and skewered it for kebabs. I used Alton Brown’s pork brine, with a handful of Alton Brown’s rib rub, and they turned out great. Tender and juicy, with just enough seasoning to highlight the pork.

I also grilled some chicken marinated in Italian dressing with garlic and herbs de provence. Kebab style as well.

We grilled up some of the first sweet corn of the season, and made a variation of my parmesan pasta salad, but with salami and tortelloni. Still very tasty. 🙂 Finished it off with grilled pineapple. Yum!

After all of that, you’d think I’d be tired of grilling, but so far, so good. Sunday night, we grilled some chicken with the Rub with Love Chicken spice rub and finished it off with some barbecue sauce. Monday night we had burgers made with garlic and fresh thyme. Tonight, we grilled a pork tenderloin with a Hoisin-Bourbon glaze. If the weather cooperates, we plan to grill chicken sausages tomorrow, and follow it up with grilled pizza on Thursday.

Maybe next week we’ll move the cooking back inside, but for now, I’m thoroughly enjoying my birthday present. Happy grilling, everybody!

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