Checking In

How’s everyone doing out there?

I have been slacking in the blogging department, I know. We’re getting ready to move in a little over two weeks, which has made things very hectic. Lots of apartment hunting, not as much cooking. And certainly not as much noteworthy-recipe-testing cooking. I expect to get back into blogging in a big way come June, once this move is behind us. I’ll be focused more on recipes for 2, since our Test Subject Leah moved out on her own. There’ll be more healthy recipes as well. Plus I’ve got a whole slew of cookbooks that I haven’t had the chance to dive into, including Jamie Oliver’s “Cook with Jamie,” which is one of the most gorgeous books I’ve seen in a long time, and “Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volumes 1 & 2,” which capture my imagination every time I turn the page.

Tonight, my friend Cara and I are having a LOST finale party, complete with Dharma treats. I’ll check in tomorrow with my favorites and photos, if I can set aside my mourning long enough to post.

All good things have to come to an end, right?

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  1. Ysobel

    Don’t forget, you should blog about your favorite cousin’s graduation from college celebration dinner, after it happens 😉

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