What’s for Dinner?

Tonight, we had pecan-crusted chicken and boring from-a-box scalloped potatoes. The chicken was good–I used corn meal instead of bread crumbs, because I forgot that we were out of bread crumbs, but it worked beautifully. I also used this awesome honey mustard that we picked up at Fox & Obel’s the last time we were there.  I’ve had it several times, it’s great as a spread on sandwiches or a dip for pretzels, but it also makes an awesome pecan-crusted chicken.


While I made dinner, Leah and I were talking about side dishes. I definitely feel like I’m in a side dish rut. I feel like we never used to eat “from-a-box” sides, and I seem to be relying on them more and more lately.

What are your favorite side dishes?

2 Responses to “What’s for Dinner?”

  1. Mom

    Non box scalloped potatoes with ham……….or maybe cheese potatoes without onions………or maybe the greyer scalloped potato that you made hmmmm that would be good………or just a really good REAL mashed clearly potatoes are it for me

  2. Sarah

    When you figure out unboring sides, you should let me in on the secret because I’m going through the same rut right now.

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