May is National Egg Month

Apparently, May is National Egg Month. This post makes me excited for the weekend, when I actually have time to make eggs for breakfast!

How do you like your eggs?



Over Medium?


Hard Boiled?


Over Easy?


Maybe you prefer fried egg sandwiches?


Or egg salad?


Of course, there are about a million ways to cook an egg. That’s part of what’s so amazing about them. Check out these cookbooks:

The Good Egg

The Farmstead Egg Cookbook

Or how about this Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook? I want it!


Of course, even if you don’t like eggs, you probably like something made with eggs. Like just about every cookie or cake recipe you can imagine. Like Lemon Meringue Pie, Custard-Style Ice Creams, Angel Food Cake, Egg Noodles…I could go on, but I hardly need to.

Tell me, what’s your favorite way to eat eggs? Leave a comment and share!


5 Responses to “May is National Egg Month”

  1. Aunt Sue

    They all look good to me! Come over and fix me any kind you want and David can help me with my IMAC….

  2. Ysobel

    I like ALL of those things :] and I even had an egg today without knowing it was national egg month!!! Yay :]

  3. Test Subject #2

    mmm….over-medium egg on buttered toast. Oddly enough, this delicious combo is made even better by some sort of yummy jam, but I know you don’t believe me! 😛

  4. Mom

    Yuck to eggs

  5. Teri


    You know, you don’t have to comment on the things you don’t like…but also, if you were paying attention, there are all SORTS of things that wouldn’t be possible without eggs that you LOVE. Like lemon-meringue pie, and granny’s noodles and ice cream…You should really read more carefully. 😛

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