I’ve been adopted!

Kristen at Dine and Dish organizes an event called Adopt-A-Blogger, in which new, baby bloggers have the chance to be “adopted” by more experienced food bloggers, who then can teach them a little more about this whole food blogging thing.


I think this quote from Kristen sums up the whole thing quite nicely:

“Having a mentor to turn to when you want to learn something new, improve upon what you are currently doing, or just share an experience with someone is so important. That is why I created Adopt a Blogger in the first place a few years ago. It seemed like so many of us had talent and skills we could share with others, but there wasn’t any formal way for us to do that.”

I’m excited to be taking part in the third round of Adopt-A-Blogger.

My “blog mom” is Dianne at Dianne’s Dishes. She has been fantastic so far, and I’m looking forward to getting to know her more in the coming weeks. (By the way, she’s got a pretty tasty-looking 10 Minute Tomato Soup recipe up today that’s got me craving grilled cheese sandwiches!) I also received a lovely comment from Ingrid at Baseball, Baking, & Books. She was adopted by Dianne the last time around, so I guess that makes her my “blog sister.” Thanks to both Dianne and Ingrid for being so friendly and welcoming!

And if you happened to come here by way of Dianne’s blog, welcome! I hope you like what you see.


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  1. Dianne

    Feel free to ask anything that comes to mind!

    Oh and the soup is really good! I think I may make it again soon! 🙂

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