A present!

A few weeks back, there was a tragic incident involving a glass jar from our spice cabinet and my porcelain “Salt Pig.” The jar fell from the spice cabinet onto the top of the salt pig, and it cracked. Since shards of porcelain are not good eats, (or so I hear) we had to throw it out. I was sad.

I use salt often when cooking. That should be obvious, but I think a lot of people don’t, and that’s one of the things that separates a good cook from an adequate cook–learning how to season with salt and pepper. You can’t be afraid to use them. When I started, I was kind of afraid of using too much salt, but you get the hang of it really quick. Just add it a little at a time, and keep tasting. One thing that helps, for me, is to use kosher salt, and to add it by hand. Table salt is much harsher a flavor, and it’s very easy to add too much without knowing. Kosher salt is easy to pinch and add a little at a time. And it tastes better, too! A salt pig is where I keep my kosher salt.

I like that it keeps the salt semi-covered. It’s easy to get to, because it can stay out on the counter, but the curved shape keeps dust and stuff out of the salt. Apparently, it’s designed so that the unglazed ceramic interior keeps moisture away from the salt, which prevents it from clumping. I’ve never had an issue with clumping salt, but I use a salt pig, so I guess it works!

Ever since the broken salt pig, I’ve been thinking about a replacement. I’d looked a couple of times, but hadn’t bought anything yet–and you know what? This week, my very favorite Leah (You know her as Test Subject #2) bought me a new one!


Can I just say that I love it? It’s pretty, it’s functional, it goes well with our blue tile backsplash…AND it’s Le Creuset. It’s my first piece of Le Creuset stoneware, but not my last. One day, this will be mine. (Oh, and I just found this to match the salt crock. And this! We need a butter dish!)

Sorry…got a little carried away there. The point? Thank you, Leah, for the awesome gift! I love it!

P.S. I guess it’s called a salt pig because the opening kind of looks like a pig’s snout? Also, maybe because stone pots used to be called “pigs” in Scotland. *shrug* Whatever works.

5 Responses to “A present!”

  1. Ysobel

    Awwwwe! I always knew I liked Leah :]

  2. Mom

    Nicely done Leah

  3. Test Subject #2

    You’re welcome! I’m glad you like it. 😀

  4. Mindy

    Love it! I have the 9 quart French Oven in Cobalt, and absolutely adore it–saved up for an entire year to buy that baby, and when I say baby, I mean it literally! I’ve bought almost all of my Le Creuset stuff from their factory outlet in North Carolina, and although they say that they have minor flaws, I haven’t found any flaws on the two pots I own yet. And, you save like 70 bucks on a pot like that…

    (BTW, found you through Adopt-a-Blogger…I’m a newbie too!)

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