Top Chef Rundown: February 4th, 2009


This week’s Top Chef Rundown is in the format of quick, sometimes snarky comments. Here goes:

  • Stefan’s actually less of a dick this week. Must have been humbled a bit by last week’s judge’s table.
  • Cute how everyone’s nervous about Eric Ripert.
  • Also, I don’t know a LOT about the guy, but he seems to be an amazing chef AND a great guy. Very humble for as good as he supposedly is at what he does.
  • Leah sucks. You don’t just quit.
  • Wow with the nail into the eel’s head. I guess that’s one way to do it.
  • Stefan is a machine.
  • Yeah, Hosea works at a seafood restaurant, but I bet they don’t serve eel there.
  • I’m glad the chef’s actually got to enjoy their meal, instead of being thrown right into the kitchen, even if it was the preface to a challenge.
  • I knew, as soon as Jamie complained about the celery that she’d be making the celery dish.
  • Leah’s still a mess. She’s in charge of the fish at her home restaurant?!
  • Did Stefan pick the easy dish? I don’t know—but it looked good.
  • No surprise that Stefan wins.
  • Some surprise that Jamie lost, but she did seem to be the worst this week, and they say that’s all that matters.
  • At LEAST two of the remaining five chefs have no business being in the Top Four.
  • If Leah gets to the Top Four…I don’t know what I’ll do.

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