Top Chef Rundown: February 25, 2009 (FINALE!)

Honestly, it’s so sad how little I have to say about this season’s finale. It speaks a little bit to how disappointing this season has been overall.

While David and I were watching the finale last night, he kept asking me who I wanted to win, and I just couldn’t seem to make up my mind. Thinking back to previous years when I clearly had my favorites (I <3 Stephanie!), it was kind of disappointing. I just wasn’t that concerned with what each of these three chefs would do.

That being said, Carla was probably, gun to my head, my choice going into the finale. She really found a way to step it up and had been getting consistently better all season long. Her finale dishes were good, too, when she let herself cook the food she wanted to cook. Unfortunately, she let nerves get the best of her.

It was a decent enough twist to have Marcel, Casey, and Richard back to help the chefs out. Because the losers popped up to help as sous chefs, I halfway expected Hung, Stephanie, and Ilan to be there as judges. In any case, I liked what they were doing here, and I think it made sense.

Unfortunately for Carla, part of letting her nerves get the best of her meant letting Casey push her way into her menu. She definitely had some highs, but she chose to sous-vide the beef, instead of making it her own way, AND she let Casey talk her into blue cheese souffles for the dessert. Casey was someone that I liked a lot, and a lot like Carla, she scraped her way into her own season’s finale. I don’t blame Casey, because Carla should’ve stepped up and made her own decisions.

Side note: Casey’s saying it wasn’t her fault, and the editors made her look much worse than the situation really called for. Not very classy to whine about it, Casey, but I have no problems believing that’s what happened.

Carla made some big mistakes that pulled her out of the running, which nearly everyone seemed disappointed about. That leaves us with Hosea and Stefan.

They both made good food. I could have seen either one winning. I was impressed by Stefan’s alligator soup, because he really pulled off something difficult there, with a tough ingredient he’d never used before. Hosea made the right call to skip dessert, I think, even though Toby criticized it. Yes, he should be able to make a dessert, and if pressed, I’m sure he could’ve come up with SOMETHING. Instead of pulling something together and trying to skate by with a so-so dessert, he chose to make three strong dishes, and it clearly worked in his favor.

Ultimately, Hosea won. And I am indifferent.


Truthfully, every season I’ve had my favorites and my least favorites, but this year most of the cheftestants landed right in the middle for me. Here’s to hoping for a better crop of cheftestants next time around!

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3 Responses to “Top Chef Rundown: February 25, 2009 (FINALE!)”

  1. Mom

    I was not indifferent. I enjoyed the fact that Stefan lost. Hosea was okay as a winner but he wanted it a bit too much. I think that is why you feel indifference. I guess I felt the lessor of two evils won. I too was rooting for Carla but I knew she was going out when she started listening to the loser. I mean she was a loser for a reason…………oh well, Can you feel and taste the love in the food?

  2. Teri

    You haven’t commented in a while, nice to see you again! 😉

    The funny thing about Casey being a loser is that she and Carla were actually similar in a lot of ways, and what they both brought to the table was food with heart and soul, up against competitors who were more technically skilled (Hung, Stefan) who had neither.

    I just never saw anything that Hosea made that made me go “Mmm! I want to try to make that!” That’s why I’m indifferent.

    It’s not really new—I never cared much about Ilan or Hung. I still like the show! 🙂

  3. Mom

    Invite me over to try more stuff and I will have more comments……………..ugggg back to the diet on monday

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