Distraction: A Hypothetical Valentine’s Day Dinner

For at least 2 weeks now, I’ve been telling David that he should send me flowers for Valentine’s Day. In part, because I like flowers. In part, because I think Valentine’s Day  is adorable, and I like celebrating it. In part, because everyone says he’s going to stop doing those kinds of things now that we’re married, and even though that could be true, I hope that it isn’t.

So Thursday night, David starts talking to me online at about 4:50.

4:52 PM David: so what do you want to do for dinner saturday?
4:56 PM me: I don’t know
what do you want to do?
4:57 PM David: some sort of dinner
what do you want to make?
me: yeah, that’s a good idea
I don’t know
we should talk about it later
David: why not now?
me: it’s time to go home now 🙂
4:58 PM David: I love you
me: I love you too
David: you should pick dinner right now
me: why right now?
David: because I said so
me: hmm
like later?
David: what?
4:59 PM me: picking later
David: no
me: is there a reason, or are you just bugging me?
David: maybe
me: maybe a reason, or maybe just bugging me?
David: maybe a reason
me: really?
because I don’t have any idea
5:00 PM maybe…steak?
because we never have that
David: that might be good
what would you want to go with that?
me: I’d probably find a new potato or mac & cheese recipe
David: which do you want more?
5:01 PM me: um…
mac & cheese
and since it’s fancy pants day, there should be dessert and maybe salad
David: do you want to try making the caramel cashew ice cream?
me: yes
5:02 PM David: what kind of salad?
me: um…
either caesar
5:03 PM or maybe wedges with blue cheese and bacon
like at morton’s
those are yummy
David: hmm, there is a bunch of blue cheese around
me: yeah…and maybe a blue cheese sauce/blue cheese butter for the steaks or something
David: that could be good
me: steaks stand up to blue cheese better than toothpicks 😛
David: yes they do
5:04 PM fancy dinner friend
are you going to make an appetizer too?
me: should I?
5:05 PM David: I don’t know, maybe, what would you make?
me: bruschetta?
David: tomatoes aren’t very in season right now though
me: yeah
well, if we’re going to be fancy, maybe a cheese plate
5:06 PM like in california
David: that could be good
me: a couple of kinds of cheese, some fancy crackers, some grapes, some honey
David: what kinds of cheese?
5:07 PM me: um, I’d want to study up a little bit to know for sure
but the camembert that I sampled once at whole foods was really good for a soft cheese
5:08 PM David: I think I’ve had that one before, maybe T had it, it was pretty good
me: maybe a nice new kind of cheddar or something we know
and then…I don’t know what comes in between
maybe ask the cheesemongers
David: you can get a monster cheese
5:09 PM me: sure
David: or maybe another smoked gouda, we liked that
5:10 PM me: yup
David: what else do you think would be good?
me: cheese-wise?
David: sure
me: I really don’t know
I don’t think you’re supposed to do more than 3 or 4
5:11 PM David: I guess, then it would be like having cheese for dinner
me: right
5:12 PM David: there anything else you want to do?
me: that sounds like enough, doesn’t it?!
David: sure
5:13 PM me: can I go home yet? 😛
David: um.. I guess
it’s not my fault though
me: what’s not your fault?
David: well I can’t tell you, it would ruin the surprise
me: okay
5:14 PM David: but I tried
me: you tried what?
David: I didn’t say
me: I’m confused
David: if you leave you should call me when you get to your car
Then, I get to my car, call him, and he asks me “What do you see?”
Me: “In my car?”
David: “No, around your car.”
Me: “Um, I don’t know…trees, buildings, a mailbox.”
David: “No, what do you see that’s moving?”
Me: “Um, nothing. Maybe. I don’t know. A van. Two vans.”
David: “What kind of vans?”
Me: “For the cable company! I’m driving home now, okay?”
David: “I guess…”
Me: “What am I supposed to be looking for—-Wait. A FedEx truck just pulled onto our street. Is THAT what I’m supposed to be                       looking for?”
David: “Yes.”
Me: “Okay, I’ll go back. I’ll call you.”
The FedEx guy was of course delivering Valentine’s Day flowers from my husband. Why it took so long, I don’t know, but poor David was watching them be “Out for Delivery” all day and waiting and waiting for me to get them. In the end, I did get them: beautiful roses, and a small box of chocolates, too! What a sweetheart!
I also got a start on planning our Valentine’s Dinner. We skipped the cheese plate (like we were really going to eat all of that!) but otherwise had an amazing dinner: Lettuce Wedges with Bacon, Tomatoes, and Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing, New York Strip Steaks with a Blue Cheese Butter Crust (a la Wildfire), and Au Gratin Potatoes. I also made that Cashew ice cream, and though it’s still in the freezer, I’m pretty sure it turned out well. You’ll be hearing more about all of this things in the next week or so, I promise.

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  1. Mom

    Ahhhh young love…………that all sounds wonderful.

  2. BeckyBoo

    Haha… I enjoyed reading that. That was cute!

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