Cooking Class Review: Knife Skills

As you might remember, David’s Christmas gift to me included cooking classes from The Chopping Block, in downtown Chicago. He planned for me to take the pasta making class (to get me all set to use my new pasta making attachments for the Kitchenaid), and another class of my own choosing, plus the Knife Skills class I took today. As a part of his gift, I got to choose my own fancy chef’s knife after the class.

All of this turned out to be a wonderful gift, because I LOVED the class.

Unfortunately, I was a little bit late; apparently David and I have trouble reading a schedule. But nevermind that.

I really enjoyed the entire class. There was an informative session at the beginning, with information about how the best knives are made, plus more info about buyng, caring for, and storing such knives. Then we started the actual chopping. The class was set up with stations for each person, with several different brands and types of knives to use. The teacher would demonstrate a technique, and then we’d try it at our station, while the instructors walked around correcting our technique and helping out.

During the 2 hour class, I diced and julienned an onion, julienned and brunoised a carrot, diced celery, chopped fresh herbs, finely diced a jalapeno, diced a green pepper, sliced a zucchini, and minced some fresh herbs.

The weird part is that I technically knew how to do most of those things (in my head), but I was able to follow along in a way that I never really managed to on TV or from a book. I really enjoyed the entire class.

And then I got to choose a knife!


I tried out several different types throughout the class: Henckles, Global, Shun…I ended up choosing a Chroma Type 301. Another cool thing about the class: The Chopping Block gives students a 10% discount on anything in the store the day of a class, and 15% on any cutlery, since that’s what the class was about. So we got a good deal on the knife as well.

I already used it at home to chop all the veggies for coq au vin and mashed potatoes for tonight’s dinner. And I love it!

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  1. Mom

    So glad you had fun, well done David, such a wonderful gift. What are some other classes available and would your father like this cuz he needs to get out more……

  2. Teri

    It really was a great gift. There are a ton of classes available. You can check out their list at the website:

    I think Dad would really enjoy it, in fact, I thought that yesterday during the class. I’m not sure which class I will take next (I know I’m planning to take the Pasta Workshop, but I don’t know for sure how the scheduling will work out), but he could even come along with me, if he was interested.

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