Chicken & Dumplings

We had chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight. Not the doughy-ball kind of dumpling, but the flat kind that my Grandma makes. It’s actually one of her most requested dishes, I think.

I  can remember that chicken and dumplings was one of the first things I really cooked; I think I was in 4th grade. I made it once at my Grandma’s house, and then Dad and I recreated it at home for some sort of pot-luck dinner at school. Somewhere around the same time, I earned a Brownie Try-It for learning to make tacos, so maybe that was the first thing I learned to cook. Chicken & Dumplings was one of the first, anyway.


Now, I don’t have a recipe, because I just kind of throw things together. So I guess, if it looks good to you, you’ll have to come over and watch me make it. (Maybe with less salt this time).

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  1. Mom

    It was 4th grade and it was Ms. Jones, if I remember correctly. Also, at the time, you and dad thought yours tasted better than Grandmas

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